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8x4 mirror aluminum sheet

8x4 mirror aluminum sheet

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8x4 mirror aluminum sheet refers to the aluminum sheet that is processed by rolling, polishing and other methods to make the surface of the sheet show a mirror effect. Generally, the mirror aluminum sheet abroad uses the rolling method to manufacture coils and sheets. The common specification is 8x4 mirror aluminum sheet. The main products of mirror aluminum are 1xxx, 3xxx, and 5xxx series aluminum alloy sheets, 1050, 1060, 1070. , 3003, 5052.

Product name: 8x4 mirror aluminum sheet
Width: 200-1550mm
Thickness: 0.20-1.6mm
Featires: Original factory warranty, 7-45 days delivery, global export
Application : Lighting, interior decoration, electronic product shells, signs and other fields.
8x4 mirror aluminum sheet is widely used in lighting reflectors and lamp decorations, solar heat collection and reflective materials, interior architectural decoration, exterior wall decoration, household appliances panels, electronic product shells, furniture and kitchens, automobile interior and exterior decoration, signs, signs, luggage, Jewelry boxes and other fields.

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