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The Specification of Aluminum Bright Mirror Finish Sheet Coil

The Specification of Aluminum Bright Mirror Finish Sheet Coil

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1.The Specification of Aluminum Bright Mirror Finish Sheet Coil

Specification  ( Polished mirror / Filmed mirror / Rolling mirror )
Alloy Temper Thickness(mm) Width(mm) Length(mm)
1050, 1060, 1070 O, H14, H16 0.15~3.0 50~1500 >=1000
Tensile strength Yield strength Elongation Total reflectivity Diffuse reflectivity
140N/mm2 125N/mm2 ≥2% 80%~86% ≤12%
1. Household appliances and furniture, such as door mirror, wall mirror, dressing mirror.
2. Architecture, such as windows or interior decoration of buildings (store, gymnasium, bathroom, washroom, etc).
3. Traffic vehicles, such as the windows of train, bus, car, etc.

 Aluminum Bright  Mirror Finish Sheet

2.Features of of Aluminum Bright Mirror Finish Sheet Coil:
1). The use of their own mirror aluminum material, eliminating the polishing process, reduce the process and shorten the process. This material is mirror processing mechanical polishing surface generation, no coating, sandblasting, anode processing, without annealing anode or plating film, can be directly sandblasting, anode processing, sand particle size up to 320 or more rough.
2). Hardness: hardness uniformity, suitable for complex stamping forming, bending, stretching, integer is not easy to break.
3). Surface treatment: pure material, suitable for high requirements of the stability of the anodic oxidation surface treatment, such as chemical polishing, atomization, fog, two-color two anode, sandblasting, chemical sand, dyeing, sealing and other processing.

 Aluminum Bright  Mirror Finish Coil

3.Application of of Aluminum Bright Mirror Finish Sheet Coil:
The product is suitable for signs, nameplate, computer chassis, household appliances, mobile phone, digital camera, MP3/MP4, notebook computer, video machines, mobile hard disk, CD player, audio panels, calculator, household electronic products requiring high shell or IT. The material is suitable for complex stamping, stretching, bending, drawing, anodizing, etc.. Suitable for high quality, high demand customers.

 Aluminum Bright  Mirror Finish Sheet Coil

4.Packing of of Aluminum Bright Mirror Finish Sheet Coil:
Wooden pallet packing, surface with PE film protection, film thickness 50+/-5um, the film quality time is 5 month, aluminum storage sites require dry, ventilated, avoid high temperature and direct sunlight. If the aluminum stored in high temperature or direct sunlight will cause the protection film can not tear off the phenomenon.
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