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Anodized Mirror finish aluminum

Anodized Mirror finish aluminum

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The mirror effect of anodized mirror finish aluminum comes from two aspects. One is that the substrate itself must be mirror-like, and the other is that the oxide film must be highly pure and transparent. According to the introduction of the landlord, the substrate itself has achieved a mirror surface. Then the problem lies in the oxide film.    

Anodized mirror finish aluminum has a reflectivity of up to 86% and has the following characteristics: Stable price and cost saving High reflectivity, energy saving Lightweight and easy to shape Hard surface, not easy to scratch Can be processed directly without pretreatment   Anodized mirror finish aluminum related technical parameters: Model: 99.85% Tensile strength: 143 N/mm2 Yield strength: 129 N/mm2 Elongation: 2% Total reflection rate: 86% Diffuse reflectance: 12% Rainbow degree: 2   Anodized mirror finish aluminum color code Golden (20) Champagne gold (26) Rose gold (30) Black (17) 4. Corrosion resistance: Standard 5%NaCl salt spray test for more than 167 hours  

Anodized mirror finish aluminum tolerance range Thickness tolerance: 0.2-0.5±0.03 0.6-0.8±0.04[mm] Typical tolerance range: 0.2-0.5±0.015 0.6-0.8±0.025[mm] Width tolerance: +5.00/5.00[mm]   Anodized mirror finish aluminum packaging Protective film: The warranty period of the protective film on the surface of aluminum material is five months. The storage place of aluminum material must be dry, ventilated, and avoid high temperature and direct sunlight. If the aluminum material is stored in high temperature or direct sunlight, it will cause the protective film to remain glue or cannot be removed.  

Anodized Mirror finish aluminum coil  

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