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Bright finish aluminum sheet plate coil

Bright finish aluminum sheet plate coil

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Bright finish aluminium sheet plate coil has a mirror-like surface with a high metal gloss, which is very suitable for decoration of products and building facades. Under the irradiation of natural light or light, the surface of bright finish aluminium sheet will present hazy image, enhance the metal sense of products, enrich the visual level of products, improve product grade and added value.
Nowadays, with the continuous improvement of living standards and material requirements, people no longer only pay attention to practicality in decoration, more people have begun to pay attention to the aesthetics of furniture.
Kitchen and bathroom as an important area of decoration, of course, has received more attention from designers, whether space layout or cabinet design, has now been updated.
As the panel of the cabinet, the bright anodized aluminum sheet is widely used nowadays. The bright anodized aluminum sheet can be used as the surface material of the aluminum honeycomb board. When the cabinet uses the bright-faced anodic alumina board with excellent processing performance and smoothness, it makes the overall cabinet look more high-end and delicate.
The surface of bright anodized aluminum sheet plate has the ability of imaging like a mirror, but it is not as clear as a mirror, so the use of indoor space makes the house full of a mysterious feeling. This new material is suitable for the application of cabinets.

Bright finish aluminium sheet plate
As a commuting tool in modern society, automobiles have penetrated into all aspects of people's lives. Unlike plastic electroplated bright strips on grilles, window frame bright strips are all metal, usually using stainless steel or aluminum alloy solutions.
The stainless steel bright strip scheme is mostly adopted by Japanese, Korean and most Chinese brands. Because stainless steel is too hard, direct flanging will wrinkle, so usually the bright end needs a plastic end cap.
Another bright strip scheme is to use bright anodized aluminum coil strip. Compared with stainless steel, the fabrication of bright anodized aluminum coil strip is much more complex and costly. Bright aluminium raw materials are stamped into corresponding shapes, and the most important thing is surface anodizing treatment, so that the surface of aluminium alloy can form corrosion resistance and wear resistance oxide film. Aluminum is easy to process because of its good ductility. Therefore, the end of bright anodic alumina can be flanged directly.
Bright anodized aluminum coil strip are used in German and most European brands. In recent years, American brand automobiles have gradually begun to replace stainless steel with aluminium solutions. Stainless steel faithfully reflects the surrounding environment like a mirror, while the bright surface of aluminium anodized by aluminium is not a complete mirror, but a soft bright silver. Therefore, in the actual visual effect, aluminum will show more metallic nature and brighter.

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