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Mirror aluminum for lamp reflector

Mirror aluminum for lamp reflector

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Reflector refers to a kind of reflector which reflects the light emitted by a light source that cannot be reflected on the working and living surfaces during the use of lamps and lanterns. Mainly used in U-shaped or spiral energy-saving lamps, fluorescent lamps, street lamps, LED lights, endless lamps and so on. The shape of the reflector mainly refers to the reflection angle of light, which determines the ability of the reflector to deal with the non-direct light source. Generally speaking, the material and shape of the reflector determines the output efficiency and flux of the lamps.

The research of mirror aluminum for lamp reflector is carried out in two aspects: reflective material and reflective angle. The research of reflective material has lasted for hundreds of years, including mirror aluminium, PVC lattice reflective plate, electroplating, nano-film, fluorescent cloth and so on. It has been widely used in reflective plate and other fields. The technology has been improved, and the research of reflective angle has remained for decades. In the U and V line reflective surface, the production is simple, the reflective effect is still acceptable, and even can improve the brightness by more than 60%. However, the light utilization rate of the whole lamp is only about 60%-70%, and a large number of light has not yet been used. In 2006, Bamboo Field Company of Japan first used the W-shaped reflector made of 86% reflectivity mirror aluminium material, and for the first time increased the utilization rate of daylight to 85%.
In 2012, Signi Aluminium invested heavily in introducing a set of mirror aluminium rolling mills and advanced technology in response to market demand. The mirror aluminium reflectance produced by Signi Aluminium was over 86%, which reached the standard of super-mirror. The effect can be comparable to that of Germany and Italy. Signi Aluminium also used its own advantages to develop and innovate. The mirror aluminium anti-oxidation coating has been successfully developed by position test. The production process is more environmentally friendly and the color is more brilliant and diverse.

If the mirror aluminium with higher reflectivity produced by Signi Aluminium is used on the reflector, its effect can be imagined.
The main application of mirror aluminium, a reflective material produced by Signi Aluminium, in lighting industry:
Grille lamp, street lamp, fluorescent lamp, tunnel lamp and other lamp reflectors and other decorative materials.

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