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Application of bright surface anodized aluminum in automotive field

Application of bright surface anodized aluminum in automotive field

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As a commuter tool in the modern society, the car has gone deep into all aspects of people's life, unlike the plastic bright strips on the grille. The window frames are all metal, usually using stainless steel or aluminum alloy.

Most of the stainless steel bright strip schemes are adopted by Japanese, Korean and most Chinese brands. Because the stainless steel is too hard, the flanging will wrinkle, so the end of the bright strip usually needs a plastic end cover.

bright anodized aluminum sheet

Another bright item is the use of bright surface anodized aluminum. Compared with stainless steel, the processing of bright surface anodized aluminum is much more complicated and the cost is higher. The bright aluminum raw material is stamped into the corresponding shape, and the most important is the surface anodizing treatment, so that the corrosion resistant and wear resistant oxide film is formed on the surface of the aluminum alloy. Because of the good ductility of aluminum, it is easy to process. Therefore, the flanking of bright surface anodized aluminum can be flanged directly.

Anodized Aluminium Bright Mirror Sheet

German brand cars and most European brand cars use aluminum bright strip. In recent years, American brand cars have begun to replace stainless steel with aluminum. Stainless steel reflects the surrounding environment as faithfully as a mirror, and the surface of the bright anodized aluminum is not completely mirrored, but a soft bright silver. Therefore, in the actual visual effect, aluminum will show more metallic color and brighter.

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