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color coated mirror aluminum sheet

color coated mirror aluminum sheet

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Color coated mirror aluminum sheet is a color coated roll after the aluminum roll is mechanically polished, so that the mirror aluminum roll has various colors, and it also protects the mirror aluminum roll from oxidation. It is a commonly used mirror aluminum strip product. Henan Xinyi Aluminum Co., Ltd. provides various color coated mirror aluminum coils and color mirror aluminum coil products, which have the advantages of low price and short delivery time. Users are welcome to email for consultation.  

Our company can provide color coated mirror aluminum sheet in multiple colors, and can also produce and process specific color mirror aluminum sheets according to user requirements, and provide colorful mirror aluminum sheets. These multi-color mirror aluminum sheets can play the effect of imitation copper and stainless steel. , High reflectivity, no scratches on the surface film, reflective rate up to 85% or more, is a high-quality product of domestic color mirror aluminum plate. It can provide color mirror aluminum rolls of various colors and thicknesses in small batches, slitting and flattening various long and wide products.  

color coated mirror aluminum sheet

The color coated mirror aluminum sheet has a layer of coating on the surface, which protects the mirror surface and extends the service life of the mirror aluminum roll. The color coated aluminum sheet of our company has the advantages of lower price (relative to imported products), less order quantity and high reflection rate, which are widely used in the building decoration industry, packaging industry and sign industry.  

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