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mirror finish anodized aluminum coil

mirror finish anodized aluminum coil

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Aluminum coil anodizing technology uses electrochemical method to generate a dense and insulating oxide film on the aluminum surface. While perfectly retaining the natural soft metal texture of aluminum, it also gives it a higher surface protection performance. Does not fall off, further protects the aluminum surface from physical damage and chemical corrosion, combining different surface effects. Mirror finish anodized aluminum coil can be further divided into silver anodized series mirror aluminum rolls and colored anodized series mirror aluminum rolls according to the surface post-processing method. Anodizing can be divided into natural colors (silver), black, purple, red, and basket colors. Grey, copper, green and other colors. At the same time can be produced according to customer samples.

mirror finish anodized aluminum coil
Mirror finish anodized aluminum coil has the following characteristics:
Anodizing process, the transparent mirror anodized film retains the metallic appearance, and the natural soft metal texture of aluminum is fully retained;
Anti-corrosion and anti-scratch, anodizing process produces a dense oxide film on the metal surface, with good corrosion resistance;
Energy saving light texture, light weight and high strength, the proportion is only one third of stainless steel;
Easy to shape the surface is hard, the oxide film is scratch resistant, the surface hardness reaches sapphire level, the micro molar hardness is 9 (diamond is 10);
Not easy to scratch, can be processed directly, coil processing, good surface consistency;
Henan Signi Aluminum's mirror finish anodized aluminum coil products have become the materials of choice for innovative products in various fields. Anodized mirror aluminum coils are widely used. It is widely used in lighting lamp reflectors and lamp decoration, solar heat-collecting reflective materials, interior building decoration, exterior wall decoration, household appliance panels, electronic product shells, furniture kitchens, automotive interior and exterior decoration, signage, signs, luggage, jewelry boxes Wait.

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