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What is the color coating process of the mirror aluminum shee

What is the color coating process of the mirror aluminum shee

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The use of mirror aluminum sheet is constantly carried out with production. Some people can always have better application in the process of using this technology to improve production. The application of mirror aluminum sheet is continuously carried out with production. Now, the application of some mirror aluminum plates now also has better production with the continuous development of Science and technology, and the development of mirror aluminum sheet can also be developed. If we make progress in production better, we will have better production for such applications.

coated mirror aluminum sheet
Before the color coating of the mirror aluminum sheet, it is necessary to make good progress. The preprocessing technology of the substrate is produced with the production of coating technology. It serves the coating technology and is based on the preparation of excellent coatings. All the substrates in the color coated aluminum sheet will remain some oil and lubricants in the surface of the production process, and of course adhesion and adhesion to other substances in the process of transportation, of course. If Without removing these oils and adhesions, it will affect the coating and use of the aluminum sheet. In addition to these, the surface of the clean substrate needs to be chemically treated to produce a stable conversion film.

The color coated aluminum sheet is an aluminum substrate after a color coating unit, coated with an organic coating on one or many layers on the surface and then the composite material formed by baking and curing. Both the aluminum sheet and the organic material have the advantages of both the high mechanical strength, the toughness, the easy processing and so on, and the good decoration and coloring of the organic polymer coating material. It is easy to process the bending, blanking, deep drawing and welding. For the use of the mirror aluminum sheet, in order to make the development go on better, this kind of production also has better progress.
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