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high reflective aluminum sheet in solar energy field

high reflective aluminum sheet in solar energy field

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The application of high reflective aluminum sheet in solar energy field
Solar thermal power plants or in high temperature solar energy heat utilization project adopted by the reflector in addition to glass mirror, mirror, based on the technology of high reflective aluminum sheet.

Signi Aluminium roll out high reflection aluminum using anodizing aluminum as base material, through the vacuum magnetron sputtering process, application Germany continuity volume for vacuum coating equipment, based on the technology of electronic aluminum evaporation, on which the coated with a layer of metal aluminum reflector, again on the plating titanium dioxide and silica coating, forming high reflectivity is as high as 95 + / - 1% of the high reflective aluminum sheet.

The thickness of High reflective aluminum sheet is between 0.3 to 1.0 mm, solar-thermal power generation glass reflector commonly used thickness is 4 mm, weight is heavy, the 0.8 mm high reflective aluminum sheet with 0.8mm thickness, the weight light at least three times more than glass, reduce weight can reduce the support system of investment, resulting in the overall light field system cost cuts, especially for the construction in the building on the roof of high temperature solar projects, for building bearing co., LTD., bring high reflective aluminum market.For example, the first Fresnel collection hot solar air conditioning project in Shanghai has been heavily reflected in the building load limitation.In addition, this high reflective aluminum sheet can be bent to 90 degrees maximum without damage.
Although the high -reflective aluminum sheet has the above advantages, its promotion in the thermal power generation market still has a lot of resistance.The most important reason is that the actual verification record of commercial projects is not yet available to prove the feasibility of this high - reflecting aluminum with the commercial photothermal power station.Specifically it is a cost, the price of one square metre high reflective aluminum material in about 100 yuan, and now there has been a massive decline in the market price of the glass mirror, plane mirror glass price in 90-110 RMB per square meter, grooved mirror price of every square metre is in 150-200 RBM .For the thermal power generation project, combined with the investment of the backplane support structure, the overall reflector must be more expensive than the glass reflector. Although it is possible to reduce the investment in the optical field system due to the overall weight loss, there is no actual project to prove how much investment can be saved.

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