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Bright Polished Aluminium Sheet

Bright Polished Aluminium Sheet

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Henan Signi Aluminium specializes in producing bright polished aluminium sheet, covering 1, 3 and 5 series. Common specifications are 1250*2500, 1000*2000 mm and 1220*2440 mm. Special specifications can be customized. The common polishing methods of aluminium plate are as follows:
1. Mechanical polishing is a polishing method to get a smooth surface by cutting and removing the convex part of the polished surface by plastic deformation of the material surface. Generally, oilstone strips, wool wheels, sandpaper and so on are used, and manual operation is the main method.
2. Chemical polishing is to make the concave part of the surface of the material dissolve preferentially in the chemical medium, so as to obtain a smooth surface. The main advantage of this method is that it does not need complicated equipment, can polish complex workpieces, can polish many workpieces at the same time, and has high efficiency.
3. The basic principle of electropolishing is the same as that of chemical polishing. It can make the surface smooth by selectively dissolving the small projections on the surface of the material.

Process characteristics:
This surface treatment process is to grind, degrease, anodize and polish the surface of aluminium products in turn. In fact, it is not the process of cutting aluminium itself, but the process of throwing away the oxide film. It is well known that aluminium products will form a layer of oxide film on the surface at air temperature. When polishing, abrasive (polishing paste) will throw off the oxide film on the surface of the products. After the matrix is exposed, it will oxidize quickly, and then be thrown away, which is repeated in turn until it is thrown bright. Whether polishing and polishing are the necessary processes before polishing depends on the surface condition of the polished parts. Some parts have approached the polished surface quality before polishing and polishing, so it is unnecessary to polish and polish them again, and rough polishing can be carried out directly.
But after polishing, even though the polished aluminium products have acquired a bright appearance, only a smooth oxide film can be obtained if the anodic oxidation treatment is carried out directly, but the film with higher reflectivity can not be obtained. Therefore, subsequent chemical polishing or electrolytic polishing must be carried out to remove the crystal deformed layer on the surface, so as to remove the crystal deformed layer on the surface. A bright, delicate and beautiful oxide film was obtained. Generally speaking, the effect of chemical polishing varies with the type and content of each component of aluminium alloy. The effect of aluminium alloy containing zinc and copper is poor. The higher the purity of aluminium, the better the effect and the higher the reflectivity after polishing. Therefore, bright polished aluminium sheet has good polishing effect on building profiles, high purity aluminium, industrial pure aluminium, aluminium-magnesium alloy and other products. Effect. After polishing mirror surface treatment, the bright polished aluminium sheets are anti-static, non-dust-absorbing, easy to clean, strong anti-fingerprint ability, and the scratch-resistant surface hardness reaches sapphire level. The oxide layer on the surface never falls off and the color is uniform, which can give the surface of metal devices high photometric effect, and also show 95% high mirror reflection performance. It solves the problem that the surface of kitchen articles and aluminium tableware is easy to stick and greasy, and the surface of polished aluminium products is not only more beautiful, but also non-sticky. It also makes the surface of articles smoother and smoother. The uniform and smooth surface can disperse and reduce the adsorption of corrosive medium and improve the corrosion resistance of articles. In the finishing industry, such as lighting, household appliances, kitchenware, electronic appliances, mobile phone shell and other industries have more applications.
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