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Embossed aluminum mirror sheet

Embossed aluminum mirror sheet

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Embossed aluminum mirror sheet is the embossed aluminum plate with various embossed patterns in the aluminum plate pressure processing plant through embossing equipment, which can increase the surface area of ​​the aluminum plate and have a good heat dissipation effect. At the same time, the strength of the mirror aluminum plate after embossing is also improved.
Henan Signi Aluminum provides embossed aluminum mirror sheet, spherical pattern aluminum sheet, diamond pattern embossed aluminum sheet and orange peel pattern embossed aluminum sheet. The thickness specifications are complete, and various sizes can be cut to size. We provide embossed aluminum mirror sheet all year round. The single-sided film has no scratches, the mirror effect is stable, and the reflectivity is above 86%. Welcome domestic and foreign lighting companies to inquire. Mirror embossed aluminum plates and mirror embossed aluminum plates are often used in lighting fixtures, reflectors and lampshades.
Specs: peel embossed aluminum mirror sheet:thickness 0.01-3.0(mm)   width 800-1220(mm)
2.Ball embossed aluminum mirror sheet: thickness 0.1-1.0(mm)   width 800-1220(mm)
3. Diamond embossed aluminum mirror sheet:thickness 0.1-2.0(mm)  width 800-1220(mm)
4.Five bar embossed aluminum mirror sheet:thickness 0.9-8.0(mm)   width 800-1220(mm)
5.Pebble embossed aluminum mirror sheet:thickness 0.1-3.0mm  width 800-1200mm


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