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aluminum mirror finish plate for tanks

aluminum mirror finish plate for tanks

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A tanker is a tank-shaped transportation vehicle used to carry various liquids, liquefied gases and powdered goods. The aluminum alloy tanker body is composed of a hoarding, a wave breaker, and a tank mouth.
Commonly used aluminum mirror finish plate for tanks in the market are generally within 12.5 meters in length, less than 2.2 meters in width, and common thicknesses are generally 5, 6, 7, and 8mm. A complete tank body generally requires 4-6 aluminum plates to be welded.
The 5083H111 aluminum plate is used for the can body, and the lids on both sides need to be bent. The 5083-O state aluminum plate is used. The O state is softer, and the partition (anti-wave plate) part is in the 5083-O state.
Henan Signi Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. supplies raw materials for aluminum mirror finish plate for tanks , such as 5083, 5052, 5754, 5454, 5182, etc. Aluminum mirror finish plate for tanks are thick plates obtained by mirror polishing, which are mainly used in tropical regions such as the Middle East. Such a reflective mirror-surface thick plate can reflect the direct light, avoid heat accumulation in the tank, and avoid explosion and spontaneous combustion due to excessive temperature.


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