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mirror polished aluminum

mirror polished aluminum

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The main application of high-end mirror polished aluminum is the production of various civilian products, such as household products, bathroom doors, and hotel applications. This material can adjust the color of the product according to different needs to make the surface of the product more beautiful and generous. However, this also leads to higher requirements for the surface quality of high-end mirror polished aluminum paint, which increases the difficulty and complexity of manufacturing such products. To stabilize the quality of the material.

Henan Signi Aluminum has accumulated management experience in controlling the production of high-end mirror polished aluminum through long-term self-exploration and practice, so as to achieve precise control of all aspects of the production process of high-end mirror polished aluminum. Die-casting ingots are the primary condition for manufacturing high-grade mirror polished aluminum. Its internal structure, chemical composition and purity can directly affect the surface gloss and polishing quality of aluminum.
Mechanical polishing is an extremely important exchange for obtaining a good mirror effect. The main point of its control is to grasp the uniformity of mechanical polishing.
Chemical polishing methods include triacid polishing and electrolytic polishing, both of which are similar in effect. However, the energy consumption and cost of electrolytic polishing are too high, and the quality is not stable enough, so the use is subject to some restrictions. Breakthroughs have been made in the composition analysis of tri-acid polishing. The composition of the bath liquid can be accurately measured. The process of tri-acid polishing and the quality of polished aluminum materials have been well controlled and stabilized.

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