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High polish aluminum sheet plate

High polish aluminum sheet plate

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Reflector refers to a type of reflector that reflects light emitted by a light source that cannot shine on the work and life surfaces during use. Mainly used in U-shaped or spiral energy-saving lamps, fluorescent lamps, street lamps, LED lamps, electrodeless lamps, etc. The research of reflectors has been carried out in two aspects: reflective materials and reflective angles. The research of reflective materials has been for hundreds of years, including mirror aluminum, PVC lattice reflectors, electroplating, nano film, fluorescent cloth, etc., which are widely used in reflectors and other On the aspect, the technology has been perfected. The research on the reflection angle has mainly stayed on the U and V lines for decades. The production is simple, the reflection effect is acceptable, and the brightness can even be increased by more than 60%, but the light utilization rate of the entire lamp is only 60% -70% or so, and a lot of light has not been used yet. In 2006, Japan's Takeda Corporation first used a W-shaped reflector made of 86% reflective aluminum to increase the utilization rate of daylight to 85%.
High polish aluminum sheet

The high polish aluminum sheet plate produced by Signi Aluminum has a reflectivity of more than 86%. Signi Aluminum has also used its own advantages, through pioneering and innovative, comprehensive tests, successfully developed a mirror aluminum anti-oxidation coating, the production process is more environmentally friendly, and the color is more Gorgeous and diverse.
If a high-reflectivity high polish aluminum sheet plate produced by Signi Aluminum is used on the reflector, the effect can be imagined.
Reflective materials produced by Signi Aluminum-main applications of high polish aluminum sheet plate in the lighting industry:
Grille lamps, street lamps, fluorescent lamps, tunnel lamps and other lamp panel reflectors and other decorative materials of lamps and lanterns.

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