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solar aluminum mirror sheet

solar aluminum mirror sheet

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Solar aluminum mirror sheet is one of the core components of the trough-type medium and high temperature heat collection system. Different materials can be used for reflecting mirror surfaces according to the required temperature. The solar aluminum mirror sheet can be imported materials with extremely high reflectivity. The reflectivity can reach more than 95%, can collect solar diffuse reflection light, and organize the light to focus, which can effectively increase the working temperature of the collector, and the light collection temperature can reach 100-300 degrees.

solar aluminum mirror sheet
Solar aluminum mirror sheet is an important part of solar heat utilization, and high precision, high reflectivity and high durability constitute an important performance index of solar mirrors.
Solar aluminum mirror sheet is suitable for solar medium-high temperature application systems such as trough CPC system, solar thermoelectric device, solar air conditioner, solar boiler. The patented secondary focusing technology can also be used for secondary focusing on diffuse reflected light, and the working temperature can reach more than hundreds of degrees.

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