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mirror finish aluminum sheets

mirror finish aluminum sheets

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The application range of the mirror finish aluminum sheets are very wide, from the aluminum plate for the curtain wall to the car lampshade, the  mirror finish aluminum sheets are used. Different applications have different requirements for aluminum plate materials. The  mirror finish aluminum sheets mainly considers the problems of reflectivity and flatness of the plate surface.
The development of the aluminum plate industry has also experienced a development process from elementary to advanced. Nowadays, the production area of  mirror finish aluminum sheets are perfect, and aluminum plate users can easily choose high-quality mirror aluminum plates. What are the advantages of using  mirror finish aluminum sheets?
Mirror finish aluminum sheets are widely used and has many advantages. It is mostly used in home appliance panels, electronic product shells, lighting fixtures, car interiors, indoor ceilings, and mirror aluminum surfaces. Even if dust appears, as long as a simple cleaning with a rag can achieve the desired effect, the product color is mostly silvery white , Can highlight the clean, tidy and other characteristics, the mirror aluminum plate has a variety of colors, and good lighting effect, has a strong reflection ability, in building materials, automotive decoration is often used to highlight the shape and overall structure, increase aesthetics, publicize personality, The material is light, reducing more energy consumption, energy saving and environmental protection, not only beautiful gloss, but also not easy to oxidize, longer service life.

The main products of mirror finish aluminum sheets are 1 series 1050 mirror aluminum plate, 1060 alloy aluminum plate, 1070 alloy aluminum plate, 1100 alloy aluminum plate; 3 series 3003 aluminum plate, 3004 aluminum plate, 3005 aluminum plate, 3104 alloy aluminum plate, 3105 alloy aluminum plate; 5 series 5182 aluminum plate and 5052 aluminum alloy, and rare 8 series 8011 aluminum plate, the material state is mainly O, H*2, H*4, H18, H19, and the thickness is 0.15-3.5mm. The reflectivity of the mirror aluminum plate produced by Signi Aluminum Co., Ltd. can reach more than 85 percent. Signi Aluminum Co., Ltd. is a factory direct sales, which reduces intermediate processes and provides preferential prices.
mirror finish aluminum sheets

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