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aluminum mirror sheet suppliers

aluminum mirror sheet suppliers

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The aluminum mirror sheet refers to an aluminum plate processed by rolling, grinding and other methods to make the surface of the plate appear mirror effect. Generally, the mirror aluminum sheet abroad adopts the rolling method to manufacture the coil material and the sheet material. As a one of professional aluminum mirror sheet suppliers, Henan Signi Aluminum Co., Ltd. provides mirror aluminum coils prepared by rolling technology, as well as anodized aluminum mirror sheet and color coated aluminum mirror sheet.

The aluminum mirror sheet is just a general term. According to the specular reflectance of the surface of the plate, the reflectivity can reach 85%, 90% and 95%. According to the surface post-processing method, it can be divided into anodized aluminum mirror sheet and un-anodized mirror aluminum plate.

The color of the aluminum mirror sheet can be divided into two categories: basic color and metallic color
The basic colors are: gold mirror aluminum plate, silver mirror aluminum plate, blue mirror aluminum plate and black mirror aluminum plate.
Metal colors are: titanium gold mirror aluminum plate, champagne mirror aluminum plate, rose gold mirror aluminum plate, light bronze mirror aluminum plate, deep bronze mirror aluminum plate, etc.
As one of professional aluminum mirror sheet suppliers, Henan Signi Aluminum has been devoted to the development and sales of mirror aluminum plates for more than 10 years. It serves well-known customers in many countries around the world, and customers from all countries are welcome to email consultation.

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