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How to polish aluminum to mirror finish?

How to polish aluminum to mirror finish?

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How to polish aluminum to mirror finish, mainly mechanical polishing and chemical polishing, while chemical polishing is divided into electrochemical polishing and chemical polishing. Three polishing processes are widely used, among which mechanical polishing is the application of physical methods to deal with the workpiece, as the name implies, chemical polishing. Polishing effect has its own merits. We can see the characteristics of mechanical polishing and chemical polishing.

polishing aluminum to mirror finish
Mechanical polishing aluminum to mirror finish. Mechanical polishing is generally the operation of pressing the workpiece onto a rotating cloth wheel or other elastic wheel pre-coated with polishing paste. The essence of mechanical polishing is to use polishing wheels to smooth the tiny unevenness on the polished surface of the workpiece. Aluminum profiles can be polished by mechanical polishing to obtain mirror-like surfaces whose color varies with the polishing paste used. The appearance of electropolishing is related to the polisher's technology. As an anode, in the process of electrolysis, the dissolving speed of the prominent part of the workpiece is faster than that of the low concave part. With the polishing process, the micro-and macro-convex and concave parts of the workpiece surface can be leveled. This process can improve the micro-geometry of the metal surface, reduce the micro-roughness of the metal surface, and make the surface of the workpiece bright by aluminium profile.
Chemical polishing aluminum to mirror finish,  can be used in instrument manufacturing, aluminium mirror manufacturing of aluminium profile, and decorative processing of other parts and coatings. Compared with electropolishing, chemical polishing has the advantages of no additional power supply, processing parts with more complex shapes and high production efficiency. However, the surface quality of chemical polishing is generally slightly lower than that of electropolishing, and the adjustment and regeneration of solution are also more difficult. Nitric oxide and other harmful gases will be precipitated during polishing. In fact, this technology has also been solved. There are polishing reagents such as high brightening agent for chemical polishing with or without nicotinic acid on the market, which do not contain nitric acid and will not produce harmful yellow smoke.

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