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mirror aluminum composite panel

mirror aluminum composite panel

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The upper surface of mirror aluminum composite panel is made of aluminium sheet which is processed like a mirror, and the back is made of anti-corrosion aluminium sheet. He has mirror effect, but the material is very light, not easy to break, high strength, easy to bend and process, because of these properties of this kind of aluminum-plastic board, more and more use in internal repair, especially ceiling, kitchen cookers, household appliances, furniture and so on.

mirror aluminum composite panel

Main Applications of mirror aluminum composite panel: Mainly used for complex glass body surface difficult to shape, interior decoration, special effects, etc.
Specifications of mirror aluminum composite panel:
· Colour: Silver Mirror, Gold Mirror
· Routine thickness: 4mm
· Routine width: 1220 mm
· Routine length: 2440 mm
· Coating Type: None
· Thickness of aluminium: 0.30mm
· Minimum order: 1200 square meters

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