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Mechanically polished mirror aluminum plate

Mechanically polished mirror aluminum plate

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Mechanically polished mirror aluminum plate is widely used in aerospace, mold processing and civil industry. This kind of plate puts forward strict requirements, the surface is like a mirror, and the plate is as flat as glass.   In terms of building decoration materials, the renovation of house decoration and furniture in our country needs these materials, and the manufacturers of these materials urgently need mirror panels as templates, and reflectors for fluorescent lamps, requiring light reflectivity of more than 80%.  

The factors that affect the quality of mechanical polishing mirrors include the absence of polishing machine, the polishing flannel is not clean, the polishing machine is not clean, the surface of aluminum sheet is scratched, etc., but the most important factors affecting the quality of mechanical polishing are the composition of the polishing agent, the particle size of the polishing agent, and the polishing. Time and so on.  

The successful development of mechanically polished mirror aluminum plate not only fills the domestic gap, but also approaches or reaches the world's advanced level in terms of surface roughness, brightness, and plate flatness. It has made new contributions to the development of my country's aerospace industry, various architectural decoration enterprises and the lighting manufacturing industry.

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