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High reflective mirror aluminum

High reflective mirror aluminum

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In addition to glass mirrors and mirrors based on reflective film technology, mirror aluminum mirrors are also one of the mirrors used in solar thermal power stations or medium- and high-temperature solar thermal utilization projects.  

High reflective mirror aluminum launched by Signi Aluminum is one such product. This kind of mirror aluminum uses anodized aluminum as the substrate. It uses a German continuous roll-to-roll vacuum coating equipment through a vacuum magnetron sputtering process, which is based on electronically evaporated aluminum. Technology, plating a layer of metal aluminum as a reflective layer on it, and then plating a protective layer of titanium dioxide and silicon dioxide on it to form a highly reflective mirror aluminum material with a reflectivity of up to 95% ± 1%.  

The substrate width of the highly reflective mirror aluminum produced by Signi Aluminium is less than or equal to 1250mm, and the thickness is between 0.3mm and 1.0mm. Packaged in rolls for easy transportation, the mirror surface is covered by a plastic film to protect the mirror surface from damage.  

CSP glass mirrors usually have a thickness of 4mm and are heavier. If mirror aluminum with a thickness of 0.8mm is used, its weight should be at least 3 times lighter than glass mirrors (according to alumina density 3.965g/cm3, glass density 2.8g /cm3 rough estimate), even if the weight of the backplane is added, taking the high-density polyurethane material as an example, the overall weight of the reflector is lighter than that of a pure glass reflector. The weight reduction can reduce the investment of the bracket system, thereby bringing about the cost reduction of the overall light field system. Especially for the medium and high temperature solar heat collection projects built on the roof of the building, due to the limited load-bearing capacity of the building, it has brought market opportunities for the use of mirror aluminum reflectors.

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