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mirror aluminum coil strip

mirror aluminum coil strip

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Mirror aluminum is a special product with surface quality control as the core of aluminum processed products. According to the different processing methods of its products, it can be divided into oxidized aluminum plates and non-oxidized aluminum plates. With the further stabilization of rolling technology and cost advantages, the preparation process of mirror-finished aluminum for anodizing has been upgraded to the rolling method thanks to the mechanical polishing method. my country's domestic mirror aluminum processing began to form a complete industrial chain in 2010. Up to now, Henan Signi Aluminum has made beneficial attempts and breakthroughs in the processing of 1070 and 1080 mirror aluminum coil strip on the basis of hot rolling.
Taking the brightness (including specular reflection and diffuse reflection) and uniformity of the mirror surface as the core, high-purity mirror surface wool must meet the following quality requirements before it can be used as mirror surface processing wool: there is no surface chromatic aberration in any form, a certain amount Material strength, the surface must not have surface defects such as scratches, aluminum sticking, etc., and there must be no plate defects.
For the processing of mirror aluminum coil strip, the processing control of the thermal processing of aluminum ingots and the control of surface adhesion of aluminum are the core of the processing of the entire mirror panel strip.
The mirror aluminum coil strip for anodizing produced by Henan Signi Aluminum Co., Ltd. concentrates the core technology of high-purity mirror aluminum foranodizing, from the hot processing of the billet to the matching of cold-rolled coil processing, and the matching from cold-rolled coil processing to mirror processing. In the end, it will be directly or indirectly expressed in shading, diffuse reflectance, specular reflectance, and brightness dispersion.


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