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Mirror aluminum sheet for solar panel

Mirror aluminum sheet for solar panel

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Mirror aluminum sheet for solar panel produced by Signi aluminum, has a high reflectivity, reaching more than 95%, high wear resistance, high weather resistance, excellent acid and alkali resistance, is very suitable for outdoor use, and is hard and not easy to deform.
Technical data of mirror aluminum sheet for solar panel:

Surface Mirror silver
Thickness(mm) 0.3-1.0mm
Adhesion (primer-plating-medium paint-topcoat) 5B  
Impact resistance 50kg / cm No shedding, no cracks
High temperature and high humidity (60 ℃ * 80% * 48h) No change 
Neutral salt spray 240h No change 
Weather resistance Out door 5 years
Reflectivity ≥90%
Pencil hardness 2H
Mirror aluminum sheet for solar panel
Precautions of mirror aluminum sheet for solar panel::
1. Uncover the protective film before use;
Second, pay attention to the installation direction;
3. Please construct and use under dry and ventilated conditions;
4. If there are obvious fingerprints and dirty spots after installation, please wipe gently with cotton cloth;
5. The above technical parameters are not requirements that can be achieved by the product at any time. The actual parameters are based on the data reached during actual production or trial production.

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