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what is mirror aluminum sheet

what is mirror aluminum sheet

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What is mirror aluminum sheetmirror aluminum sheet is a special product with surface quality control as the core in aluminum processed products. It can be roughly divided into oxidized plates and non-oxidized plates according to the processing methods of its finished products. At the beginning of this century, mirror aluminum Preparation process, get rid of mechanical polishing method and upgrade to dairy method.

mirror aluminum sheet
What is mirror aluminum sheet? If the production process of mirror aluminum plate products is analyzed, then we can roughly be divided into two process processes: rolling and grinding. Of course, some process processes are also indispensable. But relatively speaking, these two are the most important and the most critical, so here I will focus on introducing them.
Rolling is a technique used to make the original sheet appear to be flat. By using this technique, the sheet can be flattened. At the same time, if this technology is passed, the material can be stretched and elongated, and reach a certain standard in thickness and length, so that the deep processing and deformation after imitation.
Polishing, this is a more critical production link. Through this link, we can see the smooth and mirror-like products, which is probably the origin of the name of the mirror aluminum plate products. The effect of polishing is to smooth the original unevenness and unevenness on the plate, and because the process is more delicate, it will not hinder the properties of the product itself.
Signi Aluminum Co., Ltd. produces mirror aluminum sheet by means of calendering, sanding, coating and anodizing. The colors are gold, silver, black, copper, etc. The characteristics and specifications are as follows:
Tensile strength: 130N / mm2
Yield strength: 115N / mm2
Elongation: ≥2%
Total reflectance: 80%, 86%, 95%

Specifications: Thickness 0.5--5mm; Width 1500mm; Length: 3000mm

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