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Mirror quality anodized aluminum sheet

Mirror quality anodized aluminum sheet

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Mirror quality anodized aluminum sheet, its appearance makes the things we design more durable and beautiful. This is an aluminum metal material, which is manufactured after a series of oxidation reactions. We can use it to decorate or make some Crafts, this is also very common in life, let's understand what are the advantages of it:  

The processing of mirror quality anodized aluminum sheet is very convenient, its hardness is moderate, and it can be easily bent with tools and processed into the shape we need;   Can be used as a decoration material, it is very scratch resistant, it is difficult for ordinary utensils to leave scratches on the exterior; It can also be used as a billboard, which is especially convenient for a long time.  

The mirror quality anodized aluminum sheet comes from two aspects. One is that the substrate itself must be mirrored, and the other is that the oxide film must be highly pure and transparent. The mirror effect of such an alumina sheet is obvious to all.  

The mirror quality anodized aluminum sheet developed by Henan Signi Aluminum Co., Ltd. starts from the four aspects of improving the purity of the oxide film, controlling the thickness of the oxide film, reducing the porosity of the oxide film, and ensuring the proper sealing of the hole. Mirror surface.

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