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polished anodized aluminum sheets

polished anodized aluminum sheets

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Name: Polished Anodized Aluminum Plate
Thickness: 0.18mm--5.0mm
Width: ≥1300mm, length: customized sheet material or roll material production
Tensile strength: 115-125N/mm2
Yield strength: 150-165N/mm2
Elongation: 3-5%
MOQ: 500kg for aluminum natural color and 1000kg for other colors
Color: silver, champagne gold, local gold, bronze, rose gold, dark gray, black, etc.
Surface effect: straight line drawing, short line drawing, cross line drawing, sandblasting, mirror surface, customized pattern

Quality advantage of polished anodized aluminum sheets
1. The first pass rate of products is 99.99%;
2. Use fully automatic equipment to eliminate human error and ensure the consistency of product quality;
3. Organize to effectively implement and promote a documented quality management system that meets the ISO9001: 2000 standard.
Performance advantages of polished anodized aluminum sheets
Compared with the traditional oxidation ratio, the performance of alkali resistance is increased by 10 times;
Weather resistance with UV resistance up to grade 5;
The film thickness of AES series alumina board is 5um, and the salt spray test reaches 300 hours;
Processing advantages of polished anodized aluminum sheets:
First oxidize and then directly press and form, the oxide layer will not burst;
Effectively avoid the occurrence of degumming of the protective film;
The LED substrate can be added directly to reduce the customer's wire drawing and cleaning.
Uses: led aluminum substrates, building curtain walls, auto parts, electronic products, home appliances, luggage, water tank panels and other applications

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