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Polished aluminum plate

Polished aluminum plate

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Polished aluminum plate is the surface of aluminum thick plate, which is processed by precision grinding, and the surface is re-plated with coating, sandblasted, and before anodizing, it does not require decommissioning anode or electroplating film, and can be directly sandblasted. , Suitable for complex stamping forming, bending, stretching, shaping and not easy to break.

Surface treatment characteristics of polished aluminum plate: pure material, suitable for high-demand stable anodized surface treatment, such as chemical polishing, atomization bite mist, two-color secondary anode, sandblasting, chemical sanding, dyeing, sealing and other processing.
Characteristics of polished aluminum plate:
1. With metallic gloss;
2. Increase its strength;
3. The overall grade is high;
4. Good corrosion resistance;
5. Expected length;
Scope of application: mirror oil tank car shell, liquid tank shell, electronic product shell, various decorative materials: lighting decoration, interior decoration, exterior wall decoration, automobile interior decoration, household appliances decoration, etc.; and other uses: signs, nameplates , Luggage, jewelry box, etc.

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