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mirror anodized aluminum

mirror anodized aluminum

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Mirror aluminum uses high-purity aluminum blanks, combined with high-precision equipment, can make the surface of the mirror aluminum as smooth as a mirror, with fine texture and high reflectivity, which can meet various demanding requirements for the use of mirror aluminum. We have the technical ability to process mirror anodized aluminum
into full-hard, semi-hard and soft states, whether it is processing cosmetic packaging, signs, aluminum-plastic panels or automotive interior parts and other products
The coil anodizing technology generates a dense and insulated anodized film on the aluminum surface by electrochemical method. It gives the natural soft metal texture of the aluminum and gives it a higher surface protection performance, and the anodizing film will never fall off. Further protection of the aluminum surface is not subject to physical and chemical corrosion. With different surface effects, the mirror anodized aluminum of Henan Signi Aluminum has become the first choice for innovative products in various fields.
Features of mirror anodized aluminum:
1. The transparent mirror anodized film retained the appearance of metal, and the natural texture of aluminum was fully preserved.
2. The anodizing process produces a dense oxide film on the metal surface with good corrosion resistance.
3. Anodized film will never fall off, and abroad has 40 years of experience in various fields.
4. The Anodized film is scratch resistant, the surface hardness reaches sapphire level, and the micromolar hardness is 9 (diamond is 10).
5. Light weight and high strength, only 1/3 of stainless steel.
6. Surface without charge, no dust, easy to clean, cut many times after cleaning is still clean and new, anti fingerprint ability.
7. Coiled material processing, the surface consistency is good.
mirror anodized aluminum

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