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aluminium reflective sheet

aluminium reflective sheet

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Aluminium reflective sheet refers to an aluminum sheet that has a mirror effect on the surface of the sheet by rolling. As a professional mirror aluminum sheet supplier, Henan Xinyi Aluminum provides the use of advanced rolling technology to produce mirror aluminum coils, oxidized mirror aluminum sheets, and color-coated mirror aluminum sheets.
Aluminium reflective sheet can reach 85%, 90% and 95% or more according to the specular reflectivity of the sheet surface. According to the post-processing method of the surface, it can be divided into oxidized mirror aluminum plate and color coated mirror aluminum plate.
The color of Color coated aluminium reflective sheet can be divided into two categories: basic color and metallic color

aluminium reflective sheet

  The basic colors are: golden mirror aluminum plate, silver mirror aluminum plate, blue mirror aluminum plate and black mirror aluminum plate.
Metallic colors are: titanium gold mirrored aluminum plate, champagne mirrored aluminum plate, rose gold mirrored aluminum plate, light bronze mirrored aluminum plate, dark bronze mirrored aluminum plate, etc.
Aluminium reflective sheet is widely used and has many advantages. It is mostly used in home appliance panels, electronic product shells, lighting decorations, car interiors, indoor ceilings, and mirrored aluminum panels have a smooth surface. Even if there is dust, simple cleaning with a rag can achieve the desired effect. The color of the product is mostly silver-white , Can highlight the characteristics of cleanliness and tidiness,
As a professional mirror aluminum sheet supplier, Henan Signi Aluminum has been committed to the development and sales of aluminium reflective sheet for more than 10 years, serving well-known customers in many countries around the world. Customers from all over the world are welcome to email inquiries.

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