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aluminum reflector sheet for lighting

aluminum reflector sheet for lighting

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Henan Signi Aluminum Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of aluminum reflector sheet for lighting, which is processed by the mirror rolling method to make the surface of the sheet show a mirror effect aluminum plate. Mirror aluminum plate is just a general term. It is divided into high, medium and low degree of mirror surface of the plate. Some reflectivity can reach more than 80%, some can reach more than 85%, and some can reach more than 95%. The higher the reflectivity , The higher the price.  

Mirror aluminum sheet for light reflecting

Technical data of aluminum reflector sheet for lighting

Product outlook  aluminum reflector sheet for lighting
Thickness of aluminum sheet(mm) 0.3-0.48mm
Pencil hardness 1H
Adhesion (delimitation) 5B
Reflectivity(%) ≥86%
High temperature and high humidity (60℃*80%*48H) No change
Neutral salt fog 72H No change
Flexibility 3T No change
Impact resistance 50kg/cm No drop, no crack.
High temperature resistance No foaming at 150, no yellowing.

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