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dull matte finish aluminum sheet

dull matte finish aluminum sheet

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Henan Signi aluminum specializes in the production of high-quality dull matte finish aluminum sheet, with thickness of 0.4mm and width of 1000 and 1200mm, which are widely used in lamps, decorations and other purposes.

Mechanical properties of dull matte finish aluminum sheet :
A. tensile strength (vertical and horizontal direction) > 160MPa
B. elongation at break (vertical and horizontal direction) > 70%
C. heating expansion and contraction rate (vertical and horizontal) < 3% > 238 ℃
Adhesive peel strength (according to gb2794-81-84)
A. initial adhesion 23 ± 2 ℃ > 3 steel ball
? B, special viscosity 23 ± 2 ℃ 1kg 24h
? C, 180C peeling force 25mm 30mm / min0.9kg D, uniform adhesive layer without bubbles
Wear resistance: wrap eight layers of gauze with 5 × 6cm flat board and pressurize 0.3kg/cm2,
The sliding speed is 120cm / min, and it is ground vertically and horizontally for five times. No change in reflectivity and few fine lines are required.
Lamps or lamp like products made of bending and stamping materials will not break or wrinkle.

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