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mirror polished aluminum sheet plate

mirror polished aluminum sheet plate

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Mirror polished aluminum sheet characteristics: the mirror surface of this material is produced by precise grinding, and there is no electroplated coating on the surface. Before sandblasting and anodizing, there is no need to remove the anode or electroplated coating, and it can be sandblasted directly. The surface roughness of sand blasting can be more than 320#.

Hardness characteristics: uniform hardness, suitable for complex stamping, bending, stretching, shaping and not easy to crack.
Surface treatment characteristics: pure material, suitable for high demand and stable anodizing surface treatment, such as chemical polishing, atomization and fog biting, two-color secondary anode, sandblasting, chemical sanding, dyeing, hole sealing and other processing.
Scope of application of mirror polished aluminum sheet :
Electronic product shell: such as mobile phone, digital camera, notebook computer, repeater, CD Walkman, mobile hard disk, impact panel, computer and other electronic product shell;
Decoration: lighting decoration, interior decoration, exterior wall decoration, automobile interior decoration, home appliance decoration, etc;
Others: signs, nameplates, bags, jewelry boxes, etc
Our company has stock all the year round. We can provide small sample, slitting, cutting, etc
Why use mirror polished aluminum sheet as decoration?
1. It has metal glossiness;
2. Increase the body strength;
3. The overall grade is high;
4. Good corrosion resistance;
5. Long service life;

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