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Gold silver brush aluminum coil sheet

Gold silver brush aluminum coil sheet

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The aluminum alloy panel produced by Signi Aluminum's unique wire brush process brings different visual enjoyment to people. Common products include gold brush, silver brush, bronze brush, straight brush, etc.
brush treatment is to be done after stamping. Generally, brush is done first and then oxidized to ensure the corrosion resistance after brush. 3003 antirust aluminum coil sheet is mostly used for brush. According to the decoration needs, straight lines, random lines, threads, ripples and spiral lines can be made.

Straight line gold silver brush aluminum coil sheet:
It refers to machining straight lines on the surface of aluminum coil sheet by mechanical friction. The utility model has the double functions of brushing the scratches on the surface of the aluminum coil sheet and decorating the surface of the aluminum coil sheet. There are two kinds of straight line brush: continuous line and intermittent line. The continuous wire pattern can be obtained by continuous horizontal and straight-line friction on the surface of the aluminum coil sheet with Parka cloth or stainless steel brush (such as manual grinding under the condition of existing device or clamping the wire brush with planer on the aluminum coil sheet). By changing the diameter of the steel wire of the stainless steel brush, the lines of different thickness can be obtained. Intermittent silk patterns are usually made on a brush or a scratch machine. Production principle: two groups of differential wheels rotating in the same direction are used, the upper group is the fast rotating grinding roller, the lower group is the slow rotating rubber roller, and the aluminum or aluminum alloy plate passes through the two groups of roller wheels, which are brushed with fine intermittent straight lines.
Textured gold silver brush aluminum coil sheet::
It is a kind of matte wire pattern with no regular and obvious lines obtained by moving the aluminum coil sheet forward and backward under the high-speed copper wire brush. This kind of processing requires higher surface of aluminum or aluminum alloy plate.
Corrugated wire gold silver brush aluminum coil sheet::
The corrugation is usually made on a brush or a striation machine. Using the axial movement of the upper group of grinding roller, the wave pattern is obtained by grinding and brushing on the surface of aluminum or aluminum alloy plate.
Spinning gold silver brush aluminum coil sheet:
Rotary pattern, also known as rotary polishing, is a kind of silk pattern obtained by rotary polishing on the surface of aluminum or aluminum alloy plate with cylindrical felt or grinding nylon wheel mounted on the drilling machine and kerosene mixed with polishing paste. It is mainly used for the decorative processing of round signs and small decorative dial.
Thread gold silver brush aluminum coil sheet::
The thread is a small motor equipped with a circular felt on the shaft, which is fixed on the table top at an angle of about 60 degrees with the edge of the table. In addition, a carriage equipped with a fixed aluminum coil sheet for pressing tea is made, and a polyester film with a straight edge is pasted on the carriage to limit the thread race. Using the rotation of felt and the straight-line movement of carriage, the thread lines with the same width are rubbed on the surface of aluminum coil sheet.
The purpose of sand blasting is to obtain the surface of film light decoration or fine reflection surface, so as to meet the special design needs such as soft luster. Even and moderate sand blasting can basically overcome the common defects of aluminum surface.
For appearance parts, whether brush or sandblasting, it is usually necessary to do surface oxidation treatment again. As for which processing technology to choose, it should be a problem related to modeling. The surface texture of the two processes is different.
In addition, there is a process similar to sand blasting, but it is carried out by a chemical corrosion method, commonly known as chemical sand blasting or chemical sand surface corrosion, which is especially suitable for aluminum surface treatment. The uniformity of sand surface is far better than sand blasting. Chemical sand surface corrosion is divided into acid corrosion and alkaline corrosion. Different surface colors and grain sizes can be obtained by using different corrosion solvents and sanding agents.

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