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how to get mirror finish aluminum

how to get mirror finish aluminum

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How to get mirror finish aluminum is divided into two types: mirror aluminum strip and mirror aluminum profile according to the shape of aluminum:
How to get mirror finish aluminum profile, first, the stamping process is carried out, and the shape of the aluminum products is formed by pressing the mirror aluminum; Then, the laser carving step is carried out to form a predetermined text or figure by laser carving at the mirror part of the aluminum product with a predetermined shape; Finally, the anodizing process is carried out to obtain the protective layer of the oxide film by anodizing the surface of the aluminum products treated by the above steps. Through stamping, laser carving and anodizing of mirror aluminum, the processing process is very simple, the processing efficiency is high, and the processing accuracy can be ensured. Thus, the surface of the products in progress can obtain the expected bright and dark light, metal texture and excellent visual effect.

How to get mirror finish aluminum sheet plate? Mirror aluminum refers to aluminum plate which can make the surface of the plate show mirror effect by rolling, grinding and other methods. Generally, the mirror aluminum in foreign countries is rolled and rolled, and the rolling and sheet materials are made.
Signi aluminum has overcome difficulties and worked together to give full play to the spirit of fearless and catching up with others. The process verification was carried out in the pilot plant of the material institute. Finally, the fundamental reason for influencing the surface quality of mirror aluminum was found. The preparation process plan of high-end mirror aluminum was put forward, and the industrial production was finally realized, which made the performance of mirror aluminum reach the international level of similar materials, Has obtained the customer's unanimous praise.

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