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Mirror Aluminum Sheet

Mirror Aluminum Sheet

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Mirror Aluminum Sheet

1. Definitions
Mirror aluminum sheet is made by the rolling, polishing or other process methods, to get the mirror surface.

2. Application
Mirror aluminum plate is widely used in lighting reflector and decoration, solar energy heat reflective plate, inner and outdoor decoration, household appliances panel, electronic products shell, furniture, Kitchen, car interior and exterior decoration and sign, etc.

3.Common alloy used
1). Non-alloy aluminum plate
1xxx series is the series of non-alloy aluminum, the aluminum content is above 99%, the common alloy no. Most used is 1050, 1070 and 1080.

2). Alloy aluminum plate
the common alloy no. Used for mirror aluminum sheet is 5005 and 5657, 5xxx series is the series of alloy aluminum, the main elements is magnesium, its content is between 3-5%, with low density, high tensile strength and high elongation, so it is commonly used in aviation, fuel tanker of aircraft. For this hot rolling aluminum, the mirror surface effect is very good.

4. Different kinds of mirror aluminum sheet
Laminated mirror aluminum sheetpolishing mirror aluminum sheet,  anodized mirror aluminum sheet,  ultra high reflectivity mirror aluminum sheet.


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