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Mirror finish aluminum plate

Mirror finish aluminum plate

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Signi Aluminum’s Mirror finish aluminum plate refers to the aluminium plate with mirror effect on the surface of the plate by rolling, grinding and other methods. Mirror alumina surface smooth as a mirror, widely used in lighting reflection, decoration, hardware signs and other industries.

Mirror finish aluminum plate
Colors of mirror finish aluminum plate: God, silver, black, copper
Surface treatment of mirror finish aluminum plate:
1. Anodizing 2. Coating  3. With mirror film  4. Rolled mirror
Tension strength: 130N/mm2
Yield strength: 115N/mm2
Elongation: ≥2%
Reflectivity: 80%、86%、95%
Dimension of mirror finish aluminum plate
Thickness: 0.5--5mm; Maximum width 1500mm; Length:3000mm; 

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