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reflective aluminum sheet for sale

reflective aluminum sheet for sale

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Nowadays, we see many products made of mirror-reflective aluminum sheet materials in our lives. As a new type of aluminum sheet material, reflective aluminum sheet for sale has gained popularity in the actual interior and exterior decoration of buildings and the design of various electrical appliances. usage of. The treatment of the mirror surface of the mirror aluminum plate can have a substantial impact on the performance of the sheet, and can also endanger the life of the mirror aluminum plate. So, what are the surface treatment processes of reflective aluminum sheet for sale?
  1, spraying:
  The first step of surface treatment of aluminum plate is spraying. According to the different requirements of the mirror surface of the aluminum plate, the designer will use different spraying and drying processes. Only those aluminum plates with a uniform spray surface can be used for the production of mirror reflective aluminum plates.
   2. Anti-oxidation polishing treatment:
In actual use, some users will encounter the problem of reduced mirror performance of the mirror aluminum plate. This is caused by the irregular surface treatment of the plate, and the mirror surface of the plate is also extremely difficult to clean. In order to meet the different nature of the use environment, the surface of the mirror aluminum plate also needs to undergo a special oxidation-resistant polishing treatment.

The above is the introduction of the surface treatment process of reflective aluminum sheet for sale. The surface treatment accuracy of the mirror aluminum sheet has an essential influence on the comprehensive performance of the aluminum sheet. Those mirror aluminum plates with superior performance in the market have undergone repeated, scientific and rigorous surface treatment. The precision of aluminum plate processing can not only endanger the decorative use of the product, but also influence the market price of the product.
Use of reflective aluminum sheet for sale:
*Reflectors of lighting fixtures;
* Suspended ceiling and building decoration materials;
* Multi-purpose hardware: photo frames, clocks, camera accessories, medals, decorative boxes, audio appliances shells;
* Computer accessories: disk shutter, LCD and reflector of copier;
* The reflective sheet of solar water heater and car headlight.

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