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reflective aluminum sheet for lighting

reflective aluminum sheet for lighting

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Reflective aluminum sheet for lighting is a general industrial term that describes high-quality reflectivity and is used to meet the specific optical properties of various lighting applications. The mirrored aluminum plate provides maximum light distribution and helps reduce energy consumption. The total reflectance of the reflective aluminum lighting plate is 84% ​​to 98%, and it provides a variety of finishes with specific optical values, embossed mirror reflector, and semi-mirror lighting plate.
The reflective aluminum sheet for lighting is made of high-purity aluminum and has a mirror panel surface. The lighting board provides unique lighting characteristics to control the light. When installed behind the light source, the lighting panel specifically reflects and guides light, just like a glass mirror. Like silver, aluminum is the most reflective metal.
In specular reflection, the light beam is reflected from the surface at a reflection angle equal to its angle of incidence, that is, if the light beam illuminates the surface at an angle of 30 degrees from the vertical, it will travel from the point of incidence in the opposite direction to the vertical direction. 30 degree angle reflection.
According to the reflective lighting board mode, we provide three different patterns of reflective aluminum sheet for lighting, They are: pebbles, mirrors, and hammer patterns.

reflective aluminum sheet for lighting

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