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solar reflective aluminum sheet

solar reflective aluminum sheet

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The reflective surface is the key to the solar concentrating system, in order to reflect solar radiation as efficiently and accurately as possible. Signi Aluminum has developed a series of solar reflective aluminum sheets with reflectivity even higher than 98%. In order to ensure the highest efficiency for each specific application, various subdivision products with different surface characteristics have been developed.
Solar reflective aluminum sheet can be used as a reflector for solar thermal power plants. Compared with traditional glass reflectors, it has the following advantages:
Its weight is only 1/3 of the commonly used glass mirror, which can reduce the investment of the bracket system, thereby bringing about a reduction in the overall cost;
Flexible and elastic, it can be bent 90 degrees without damage, and can more easily produce a micro arc effect through mechanical external force;
It is especially suitable for medium and high temperature solar heat collection projects built on the roof of buildings, and solves the disadvantage of being unable to use traditional heat collection panels due to load-bearing problems.

Signi Aluminum’s newly developed solar reflective aluminum sheet is mainly used for optical lighting, electronic appliances, automotive, aviation, and medical. Its excellent light reflection performance will greatly improve the light efficiency utilization of lighting, optics and solar equipment, improve product quality, extend product life, effectively save energy and reduce energy consumption, and meet customers' high reflectivity of aluminum Demand.

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