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reflective aluminum sheet metal manufacturer in China

reflective aluminum sheet metal manufacturer in China

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Reflective aluminium sheet metal is suitable for all kinds of lighting equipment because of its excellent light reflection performance and surface processing technology.
The reflective aluminium sheet metal produced by Signi Aluminum is widely used in outdoor lamps, grille lamp panels, LED lamps, three-proof lamps and tunnel lamps, and has been recognized by customers at home and abroad.
Reflective aluminium sheet metal for lighting have the following advantages:
Long service life
Lightweight texture, easy to shape
It can be directly processed without pretreatment.
Smooth and gorgeous appearance, enhance visual effect
Easy to clean, no dust, strong anti-fingerprint ability
The high reflectivity greatly improves the utilization efficiency of the light source and avoids the waste of resources.
The rolling surface of anodized reflective aluminium sheet metal produced by Signi Aluminum enhances the building performance. When used in interior decoration, the specular reflection effect can achieve enlarged and beautiful effect. In addition, its high surface smoothness, excellent forming and bending properties are very suitable for building use.

Reflective aluminium sheet metal and brushed aluminium sheet metal produced by Signi Aluminum Industry are widely used in indoor and outdoor decoration. Great achievements have been made in the fields of aluminium-plastic panels, integrated ceiling and art ceiling.
It has the following advantages:
Non-toxic, tasteless, fashionable and environmentally friendly
Excellent durability and fire resistance
Simple maintenance, no dust, easy to handle
Strong corrosion resistance, can withstand all kinds of soot and humid environment
Various colors, gorgeous surface, easy to create a unique decorative effect

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